Founders Club

My name is Paget Williams. I am have been promoting music and culture in the province of Quebec fro more than 30 years promoting local , regional and international bands.  I find it really hard writing this … I am part of a small group of entrepreneurs that 2 years ago purchased a church in Trois Rivieres to give it a new life as a cultural venue. Over the past several  years  we have put heart and soul into a  venue project that transforms an old church in Trois Rivieres,Qc into a state of the art multi -purpose music and arts venue. Thus  saving it from being transformed into condos as is the trend… We sadly hit a giant wall in regards to financing . We were unable to obtain our second tier of  financing and as a result we owe a load on work done. We were expecting to get $750k from the bank to roll this all and came up short. We are now in a situation where we are 30  days away from losing the church to these unforeseen and very unfortunate  circumstances. I am asking as someone who has whole heartedly supported the promotion of music and culture  in Quebec for more than 30 years . I didn’t ever think that I would be in this position but I am and I need  your , the publics help big time . I have never reached out and asked for help like this . It is not something I am not  used to but unfortunately  I find myself in a position that requires some very fast acting  extra financial help. This is my legacy project and to see it all go away after all the work, sweat and money that has gone into this would kill me.

We have created  something called the Founders Club. It is a platform that will intern save culture from being turned into condos and ensure that this project see’s its full potential allowing bands and public alike to enjoy the beauty of this cultural venue for years to come.

We are offering a very special lifelong deal for those who believe that this project is something  special and that it will  benefit the music and culture in the region

We are have  to raise $450,000.00 in the next  2 weeks through the limited sale of 900 exclusive, lifetime memberships to the Founders Club of Eglise des Arts .

Lifelong Membership fee $500

Included in the membership package

– To proudly be part of the Founders Club , one of a select group that cares  about music and culture

– To be a part of the building and protection of music and culture  in Quebec

–  Founders Mystery concert annually,  exclusively for Founders Club members. Sept 14 being the date for the inaugural Founders Ball

– 2 VIP guest list tickets for 4 shows annually ( 1pair  for each season) ( limited seats avail )

– Founders club VIP Lammie that allows access to VIP balcony ( limited seats avail)

– Founder Club – Culture not Condos / Culture non Condos  T shirt

Without your help all this work and effort will have been done for nothing and a beautiful property will not become what is was meant to be.

Please click on the tab below today and become a Founders Club member because tomorrow is too late

We thank you for your unconditional support.



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